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When the Dealer of Life Gives You a Crummy Hand


As cliche as it may be,’Bad things do happen to good people, all the time’. It never feels fair when life hands you a lousy hand to work with. As with a lot of other things, the skill here lies in how you view it in order to best handle it.

A few common responses:
It’s more than I can handle…
Joe is okay and he’s a jerk! What did I do to deserve this?…
Why me?!…

These are all natural responses to having something life changing happening.

In addition to what you are dealing with, it’s an even harder struggle if you are fighting yourself and the situation.

Things will not be easy but it will be easier when willingness enters the picture. Willingness is not necessarily wanting. Being willing to handle things as they are instead of how ‘they should be’ or ‘could have been’ or ‘deserved them to be’. This is a skill in perspective that takes some practice but is worth it to be best able to play the cards life deals you to your best ability.

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