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What to ask yourself in order to manage Fatigue

Fatigue is a common occurrence in many disorders, what is universal is how much it can wipe out any energy, motivation and leaving the person asking ‘What has happened to my life?’

Figure out if there is a pattern to when it happens?
-Are you starting your morning feeling fatigued? If not, around what time of day does it usually occur?

-Does it sneak up on you or does it feel like a proverbial piano falling on your head and body?

-Is there a pattern on when it happens? Is it after an extra hard period of exercise? Being in the sun too long and having it sap your energy? A change in medications?

How do you handle it when you’re fatigued?
-Are you someone who reaches for the 24oz energy drink? Or are you starting on your 5th cup of caffeine?

– What’s the consequence to this behavior? Are you able to last for a few hours and then crash? Do you end up suffering at night with a poor quality sleep.

– Do you nap? Do you wake up refreshed or are you feeling the same as before?

Being aware of what your personal behavioral techniques that you are already using handle fatigue are will help you effectively figure out these answers and communicate with your treatment providers. image

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