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What Is and Isn’t Mindfulness

What it isn’t:
1- Religiously driven
2- Takes lots of time to do
3- Meditation
4- Passive activity

What it is:
1: Being mindful does not require any religious affiliation or belief system of a higher power yet at the same time would not conflict with any belief system either.
It is an individual’s Practice that can be done solo at anytime or anywhere. The formality of where it takes place or engagement with others doing it too isn’t needed.

2: It is a process through practice- there isn’t a way to do this wrong. Viewing it as an ongoing process that takes place over and over again. When a distraction comes in or you find yourself declining in your awareness you can always get right back into it. This is part of the process.

3: Mindfulness and meditation are similar but very different. One needs to be mindful and aware in order to meditate. However, you don’t have to meditate to be mindful.

4: It is the opposite of being passive. It is a Focused act by paying attention non-judgmentally to the present moment.

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