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Reasons for Seeing a Therapist

Image courtesy of [FrameAngel] / FreeDigitalPhotos.netimageWether life is coasting by on autopilot, taking a decline or on an uphill climb, therapists have knowledge to help you figure out how to maintain basic mental health and wellness strategies in order to manage the stress. Knowledge is not enough, there should also be a plan and practice of that knowledge to occur and become more natural. Needing to see beyond just our point of view, thought process and prior experiences are key factors in being able to adjust and have flexibility during periods of transition.

There are so many forms of treatment even the most skilled of clinicians will not know all of them let alone someone who is not a professional. Sometimes what we are experiencing is beyond our personal skill set of what we may need for the situation, and that’s okay. There may be a lot that’s already known prior to starting therapy but a quality therapist will also be able to address what may not be known or to help you figure out how to best implement theses strategies in an effective way. As a client, this is a good thing, you will want a therapist who knows and respects your prior knowledge, experience and meets you where you are at to build from there.

People are also notoriously bad self prescribers. Think back to the last time a good friend was in the midst of a situation and you gave that person advice. Now, think back to a time where your situation was similar. Did they vary? Often what you’d tell yourself is different than what you would tell another during times of stress, theirs would likely be kinder and more obtainable. Humans are hard on ourselves, we will have very high expectations and beat ourselves up if we can’t meet those expectations. If we would advise our nearest and dearest that seeking therapy is a good idea to help themselves, why wouldn’t we give ourselves the same recommendation? Therapists are able to help one self gauge if we are being being kind and compassionate to ourselves and if not how to do so. Sometimes, when you’re in it you can miss the signs and need to be reminded.

One of the first lessons I’ve learned from my mentors was that in order for me to be effective in helping other people you need to take care of yourself first. This is no different than an adult putting on an oxygen mask on a plane before putting one on a child. Seeking out help is a form of self care. Many individuals are taught that to reach out to others, to ask for help is a sign of weakness,to admit there are issues or experiencing certain emotions are simply unacceptable. In reality this is very devaluing of how one feels, who they are as a person and makes it more difficult to work through the stressful times of life. To seek out medical help isn’t frowned upon yet seeking out help for mental health is. This stigma can prevent someone from reaching their healthiest potential. Hopefully, some of the points I’ve brought up will help you evaluate what options are there for you and why it may be beneficial even though it is difficult.

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