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How pain impacts emotions

Ever notice that when you are in pain things feel heightened? Colors may feel brighter. Light may feel stronger. Sound may feel louder. Tolerance may dip way lower than it usually is. Being stressed out emotionally or physically can trigger these reactions as can dealing with pain.

Does anyone want to act this way? Probably not. Yet, the reality is this is a response that can often come up.

How can you handle this?
-Realize for yourself what’s going on. Nothing can happen differently unless you are aware and willing to admit it as reality.

– Communication is key. Telling your loved ones it’s a bad day can go a long way. Others tend to be more understanding if they are cued in to what’s going on. Especially, if you appear healthy on the outside it may be difficult to for others to see that you are struggling.

-Give yourself a time out. Sometimes we need a time-out or a reset. Taking a brief period of time for yourself can go a long way to decrease the stress. If you are in a situation where you can excuse yourself do it: a walk, some deep breathing, a favorite distress tolerance technique. Whatever it is that works just for you. image

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