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All Thoughts Aren’t Reality


Everyday there are thousands of thoughts that cross the mind. It is easy to take some of these for granted since we don’t pay attention to every single one of them. While we have many thoughts not all of them are actually reality based or accurate. Despite this our own thought processes can cause a significant amount of distress if we give all the thought equal weight at face value.

Some examples of distressing thoughts, that are not accurate, are ‘I’m never going to survive this’ or ‘this pain will never end’. In the moment, yes this feels very real but is it accurate? Not likely. More likely the cause of what ‘you’re not going to survive’ really is survivable but the emotions associated with it may be difficult. It is survivable and pain, in the emotional sense, can decrease and more likely comes in waves or cycles of intensity and can have an ending or at minimum a tolerable lower level.

When experiencing thoughts like this, realizing that not every one of the thoughts need to be owned or kept or held onto goes a long way. It is a skill to be able to have the experience and move on from it but it is very doable.

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