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What to Expect

The Path to Wellness

Prior to the first session I will request that you complete a few forms and scales in order to obtain a brief history and point of reference for how you are feeling when you are starting sessions with me.  An initial treatment session will last 1.5 hours. During this time we will start off with introductions, go over what brings you in at this point, how it is impacting your life, what you would like to accomplish, what you foresee your timetable to accomplish those items are  and what your prior life experience has been.  We will agree on a future plan of how to address the current situation, this will include how we are going to address things not only  in session but also practiced in between sessions on a regular basis in order to make the changes needed to obtain your desired goals.

In subsequent individual sessions we will meet, usually weekly and for a 50 minute hour in duration.  We will start the session with a check in on how things have gone since our last session; we will go over how the recommended follow up activities have gone and address any hurdles. Over the course of time I will ask that you complete some repeat scales in order to observe the progress.  Throughout the course of our work together, things will change, life will continue to ebb and flow and we will adapt our treatment goals as things come up, if that is your choice.