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About Karen

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Karen Bernardes, LCSW

I am Karen Bernardes LCSW and I help people who are seeking emotional balance to help manage their life and emotional response after a non-life threatening/chronic diagnosis.

I’ve known some amazing and resilient people who after being diagnosed with depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, cancer, MS or other life changing conditions and have used it as a positive. These were people who refused to lose the person they are and become their disease. Rather, they have found ways to adapt to the best of their ability in lieu of a major diagnosis. Sometimes they started off shocked and even suicidal and struggled with the unknown but despite that they’ve chosen to look at it as what I call ‘the best worst thing’. They chose to play an active role in their treatment by directly learning how to manage and cope with the disease and with life head on via self care and emotional wellness. They saw the mind and body are connected. The disease is going to do it’s thing but they felt there was no need to hurry it along. Being proactive and healthy never hurts.

These are people I am grateful to for allowing me to work with them and play a role in their lives. They provide me with as much hope as I hope that I do for them.

I am non-judgmental and understand the realities of what brings people to the situations they can often find themselves in. Whether you are dealing with depression, bipolar, life transition or coping with a newly diagnosed chronic illness I am willing and able to help you find your way through your journey.


Having worked with adults newly diagnosed with a mental illness became a specialty and interest in my clinical experience. Mountainside Hospital is central to and had relationships with 5 colleges/Universities in Northern NJ. It is pretty common for young adults, about 6 weeks into a semester, to experience a psychiatric episode because of stress in this life transition and physiological factors all occurring at the same time.

Insight oriented treatment, education, skills training via Cognative Behavioral Therapy, Dialetical Behavioral Therapy Skills and Acceptance and Commitment therapy are utilized in aiding you to gain balance in order to create the most personalized treatment plan to address the current situation.