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Changing of Attitude

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‘But I just don’t feel like it!”
How often in your life have you made this statement when there is something that has to be done? My personal list for this is quite long. Here’s a common conversation I’d have with my mother as a kid: Mother: Clean up your room. Me: But I don’t feel like it. Mother: This needs to be done whether you feel like it or not. This was usually the end of the conversation as I’d drag my feet to go clean my room. The up side of this was at least I wasn’t grounded as I was often reminded. I’ve thought of a this at least a thousand times over the years every time ‘I don’t feel like it’.

If one is waiting for motivation to show up it may take an awfully long time or never depending on what the task is. If cleaning your room, or whatever your version of this is, is the worst thing in the world to do then you tend to avoid and procrastinate doing it. The best and easiest way to overcome the “I don’t want to’s” is to look at your attitude, as attitude follows behavior. The perspective of this may be ‘I hate doing this’ but if that is what is going through your head continuously it puts up another barrier to doing it.

It may be difficult to hold a neutral stance to how much you hate doing something but not staying on the ‘I hate it’ never ending wheel of thoughts will make it easier to do. Taking a stance of I’m just taking the first steps and building upon that will make things easier to get to as well as to.

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