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Mental Health & Wellness Skills and Therapy

Karen Bernardes, LCSWIf you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as: Autoimmune or other Neurological Disorders, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Mood Disorders or other non-life threatening conditions you may be wondering how your life and future is going to change. There is a lot to experience both physically and emotionally when something this significant happens. There is the initial shock of being diagnosed, the treatment regimen and it’s side effects to consider, the financial aspects involved and a new language you need to understand to have an ongoing relationship with medical providers. This alone can feel overwhelming.

Then, there’s the emotional aspect. You may be wondering if you’re still going to achieve you’re plans and life goals now that “this” is a factor. For many there is grief associated with the life that could have been and can no longer be as planned out. For others, there may be a focus of self-blame ‘what did I do to make this happen, why do I deserve this?’ You may also find yourself withdrawing socially or experience that others around you are. Sadness, guilt and anger are not uncommon reactions for someone to have.

I can help if you find yourself in this situation. Coping with Chronic Illness Our focus will be on using and implementing mindfulness, various coping skills, managing moods and thoughts. We will customize all this while working with you to clarify, maintain or create the life you value to be an entire balanced person and more than just the diagnosis.

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What To Expect

Prior to the first session I will request that you complete a few forms and scales in order to obtain a thorough history and point of reference for how you are feeling when you are starting sessions with me. An initial treatment session will last 1.5 hours. During this time we will start off with... Read More on what to expect.